ST. JOHN No166


Lodge 166 Charity- 

March 2020 - March 2021

Since Lockdown in March 2020 Lodge Airdrie St. John 166 have continued their fine tradition of continuing to make donations to organisations that they have supported over many years.

The latest donations, last week, saw the Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Bobby McCue, sanction the release of further Charity Cheques, of £200, to each of the following recipients: Guide Dogs Scotland, St.Andrews Hospice, Lanarkshire Cancer Care, Glasgow Children's Charity, MND Scotland, MacMillan Cancer Support, Parkinson's Self Help Group, Meningitis Research Foundation, Maggie's Centre, Moira Anderson Foundation and Erskine. 

This latest gesture means that over the pandemic year, the Lodge, in total, has contributed just over £8,000 to these organisations.

Additionally the Lodge, in the last year, has made further contributions to other organisations and events in excess of £1,500.

The Lodge, once again, can be rightly proud of its’ continued Local and National support for the work of organisations who, in these most difficult of times, continue to work on our behalf. 

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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Update from R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue


its now August and the year is slipping bye.

I hope that you and your families are well and keeping safe as is mine.

I am pleased to report that we are continuing to support our local charities by donating another two, 

£200 cheques to the Salvation Army and the Airdrie Food Bank, both worthy and deserving organisations I'm sure you'll agree.

The Bro.Secretary and Bro.Treasurer are both continuing to fulfill their respective duties to the lodge in their usual efficient manner.

My thanks also goes to Bro. Jimmy Stewart P.M. who has been able to undertake jobs for which I was not available and unable to complete.

As Regards to when we will be able to meet again, Grand Lodge is awaiting a reply from the Scottish Government and will update us as soon as a responce is received.

In my opinion and reading between the lines it may not be this year but as lockdown is easing everything can change very quickly.

Stay safe and keep well.

Best Regards:  R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

During this Pandemic, on behalf of Lodge 166 R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue have decided to donate £200 to the eleven charities which we have previously decided to support amounting to a total of £2,200.00. 

As a reminder, those charities who will benefit from this are, as follows: 

1 -  Lanarkshire cancer care. 

2 - St Andrews Hospice Airdrie.  

3 - Erskine Hospital. 

4 - MND Scotland.  

5 - Guide Dogs Scotland. 

6 - MacMillan Cancer support. 

7 - Meningitis Research Foundation Scotland. 

8 - Moira Anderson Foundation. 

9 - Glasgow Children's Charity. 

10 - Maggies Centre. 

11 - Parkinsons self help group North Lanarkshire

Wednesday 11th April 2019

Poppy Scotland,

The MacRobert Centre,Kilmarnock.

The R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. accompanied by I.P.M. Bro. Craig Gibson P.M., Sec. Bro. James Ferguson P.M. and D.o.C. Bro. John Lang P.M. attended a presentation ceremony in recognition of the organisations in the West of Scotland who had taken “The 1918 Poppy Pledge” the lodge was presented with their certificate of achievement which was accepted by D.o.C. Bro. John Lang P.M. in recognition of his drive and industry in raising the £1918

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Prior to the summer recess Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166 held its’ annual ‘Live Entertainment Charity Day’ that saw a full house being enthralled by a large number of Cabaret acts who agreed to perform free of charge at the event.

As well as the entertainment the audience participated in an auction with varied items donated by a large number of Lanarkshire businesses and organisations.

The Lodge are indebted to Bro. Jackie Lang for organising the event and he is seen here presenting the proceeds of the event to the RWM Bro. James Stewart

The fundraising proceeds have been added to the Lodge Charity Fund and these will be presented to a number of Charity organisations at the Lodge Annual Charity Cheque presentation evening

Masons raise 100k in a day for Charity

14th/15th  May 2016 

Scottish Freemasons, friends and ladies from 14 masonic provinces from all over Scotland accepted a Zipslide Challenge issued to them to be in Glasgow on 14 May to zipslide across the River Clyde to raise funds for Prostate Scotland.

Glasgow produced stunning weather for the event when over 170 freemasons, friends and ladies were joined by a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters who created a festival atmosphere as they took their challenge across the Clyde to the west of the Finnieston Crane to raise money for the charity.

They were supporting the Grand Master Mason?s nominated charity, Prostate Scotland, a registered charity in Scotland (No. SC037494) seeking to raise awareness in men of prostate disease and prostate cancer. Through the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Scottish freemasons have supported the charity and given more than £100,000 in the last two years to support production and printing of literature, booklets and pamphlets on prostate disease to be produced and freely distributed to the public.

Tom Davidson, a spokesman for the Steering Committee consisting of representatives of five provinces around Glasgow, said ?When we set out planning for this event, we set a target of raising £40k for the charity, we have received such strong support from the brethren and friends that we have more than doubled that figure and raised over £100,000 in just one day. We may be able to increase this when all the money is collected in. We have had male and female participants supporting this event, aged from sixteen to eighty one years of age.

My thanks go out to all who have helped and contributed to our sponsored event.

Freemasons have in the past always sought to carry out their charitable work quietly and without seeking publicity however the other very important objective of the event was to make more men aware and understand this type of disease and that cannot be achieved without publicity.

This is just one of a number of events and initiatives being planned this year by freemasons over Scotland to raise much needed funds for this charity?

Adam Gaines, the Director of Prostate Scotland said ?We would like to thank all the Provincial Grand Lodges and Lodges across Scotland and the many men and women who have taken part in the "Zipslide challenge" to raise such a huge amount of in aid of Prostate Scotland.

This magnificent donation will be a tremendous and significant help towards the Prostate Scotland Blue Horizon Robot Appeal to help bring about and support robot assisted prostate cancer surgery programmes in the east and west of Scotland.  This huge amount will help bring the conclusion of our Appeal that much closer- we are deeply grateful. 

On behalf of Prostate Scotland I would also like to record our sincere thanks for all that the Freemasons across Scotland are doing to support Prostate Scotland and the cause of tackling prostate cancer and disease, helping enable more men and their families to be reached with information and advice.