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Regular Meeting

Wednesday 15th June 2022

I.P.M. Bro. Robert McCue welcomed all Brethren into this Regular Meeting. I.P.M. headed this meeting due to our own R.W.M Bro. Robert   Grant taken unwell, we all wish him a speedy recovery. 

After all Lodge Business was completed, acting D.O.C. Bro.Craig Gibson P.M. presented R.W.M Bro.Graham Strickland and a Large and distinguished deputation from Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No.1067. Lodge No.1067 were invited along to confer 'The Fellow Craft Degree'. The Degree Team was headed by Bro. John Mack P.M. with which there were a mixture of Old and New degree workers. 

At the conclusion Bro. James Ferguson P.M. Secy. was requested to propose a vote of thanks to this excellent degree team,  Bro. John Mack P.M. suitably replied. 

I.P.M. Bro. Robert McCue invited all Brethren to Join him for a spot of Lodge 166 hospitality.

Regular Meeting

Wednesday 1st June 2022

R.W.M. Bro. Robert Grant welcomed all Brethren into this Regular Meeting, a special welcome was extented to all first time and some well known visitors. 

After all Lodge business was completed A Large Deputation from Lodge Caldercruix St John No.1314 was Welcomed by R.W.M. Bro. Robert Grant and assembled Brethren. 

This was the first deputation into Lodge No.166 since 4th March 2020. (Covid - 19)

 Lodge Caldercruix St John No.1314 was Headed by R.W.M Bro. Paul McClintock.  

Lodge Caldercruix St John were invited along to confer The E.A Degree. 

The Degree was carried out to a Very High Standard with which Lodge 1314 are renowed for. 

At the conclusion I.P.M. Bro. Robert McCue proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Lodge 1314. Bro. C.H. Ringrose P.M.suitably Replied.

R.W.M. Bro. Paul McClintock 1314.  R.W/M Bro. Robert Grant 166.  R.W.M. Elect Bro. Mahmood Ullah. I.P.M. 1706

Wednesday 20th April 2022

Regular Meeting.

The first Master Mason degree, since 2019, by our own degree workers and in our own Temple and it was conferred in fine style by Bro. Alexander JC Graham PM. DM and Bro. James Ferguson PM Sec. 

At the end of the ceremony the candidate was presented with a dress apron - handed back to the Lodge by the late Bro. Robin Strachan's family, and he was dressed with it by his own father - a proud moment for the dad.

The meeting unfortunately saw our own RWM Bro. Robert Grant having to retire at the recess when he reported he was feeling unwell - The RWM had just received his Covid booster jab earlier that day and had taken a bad reaction to it. We are pleased to report he is on the mend.

IPM Bro. Robert McCue stepped into the Chair and conducted the remainder of the busines and notably Chaired his first Master Mason degree of the Lodge - even though he had served two years as RWM where Covid, sadly ravaged the number of meetings that were held during his tenure of office.

A goodly number of visitors were also present at the meeting and this was a welcome return to some degree of 'masonic normality'.

I.P.M Bro. Bobby McCue along side visiting Reigning Masters.

I.P.M Bro Bobby McCue with Various Visiting Masters and Past Masters.

Wednesday 6th April 2022

Regular Meeting.

On Above date, Bro. Bobby Milton M.M. received his 50 year Affiliate Certificate from the RWM  Bro. Bobby Grant, having affiliated to 166 on 1st Day of  March 1972 from The Operative Lodge of Airdrie No. 203.

An excellent exemplification of the EA degree was carried out by Bro. James O Ferguson PM and Bro .Craig Gibson PM. Their work was carried out to a very high standard.

Picture Below:  Bro. Bobby Milton M.M.    R.W.M. Bro. Bobby Grant.

Monday 28th March 2022.


When Bro. Robert Grant came to offfice, as the new Right Worshipful Master  of the Lodge, there were early thoughts about the installation of suitable Defribrillator equipment within the Lodge premises. Once the the Lodge heard the proposals, plans were put in place to hold a fund raising event to cover the costs. The fund-raiser was very successful and together with a sizeable donation from Lodge New Monkland Montrose No. 88, the go ahead was given to follow up the proprosal. The Right Worshipful Master then took it upon himself to source, purchase and see to the installation of the Debrillator which is now proudly located, just prior to the entrance of the Downstairs Lounge. (Please see the picture above). A unique arrangement is to be made for its' use, where a suitable notice will be displayed, on an external wall of the premises, to advise the public that this essential life saving machinery is available to them, by accessing the building, when it is open, should the need arise. The machine is an automated version and full instruction on its' use is given. Much thanks is extended to those who have contributed to funds for this much needed equipment, and whilst the Lodge, and the Public it may serve, may be pleased with the installation, we all hope that its' usage will be 'few and far between'.

Saturday 26th March 2022

Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Bro. Hugh Currie (M.M. 166) has arrived at

North Shields on his way to Poland.

R.W.M. Bro. Bob Grant along with Bro. Willie Mcfarlane (W.S.W 166) witnessed the convoy leave Airdrie this morning.

Lodge Inter lodge games night raffle contributed to logistics funding, A Hugh "Well done Brethren" (all Local Lodges) for supporting such a worthy cause.-- 

Lodge Regular Meeting

16th March 2022

R.W.M Bro. Bob Grant welcomed all visitng Brethen into Lodge Meeting. 

After all business Bro J. Lang D.O.C. Presented a Large deputaion from P.G.L. Middle ward of Lanarkshire for the purpose of their annual visitaion, this deputation was headed by DPGM Bro. Norman Carnegy. At the conclusion of their Business, an Exemplary F.C. Degree was conferred by Bro. Robert McCormick P.M & Bro. James O Ferguson P.M.

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Lodge Regular Meeting.

Annual Lodge Charity Presentation.

Following the Regular meeting of the Lodge on the above date the RWM Bro. Robert Grant joined the brethren of the Lodge in Harmony and thereafter presented the 2022 Charity Cheques to the following recipients: - Guide Dogs Scotland, St Andrews Hospice, Lanarkshire Cancer Care, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, MND Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support, Parkinson’s Self-help Group, Meningitis Research Foundation Scotland, Maggie’s Lanarkshire, The Moira Anderson Foundation and Erskine who each received cheques for £200-(A total of £2,200). 

Each representative gave an update on the work of their own organisation and in turn thanked the Lodge for their generous donations.

It was also noted that since the presentation evening had been introduced in the year 2001 the Lodge had presented in excess of £49,000 in funds to the current March Masonic Charities, as well as support for other organisations throughout the various years. 

 The RWM Bro. Robert Grant thanked the representatives for their attendance and their ongoing work in their own field. 

See Image's Below.

Wednesday 16th February 2022

Lodge Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert Grant welcomed all Visitors into Lodge Meeting. 

On this evening, R.W.M. Bro Robert Grant Presented Bro. George McKirdy M.M. with his 50 Years Membership Certificate, a Proud moment for Bro. McKirdy.  

After all business was complete R.W.M's installing masters Bro. Alex J.C Graham P.M. & Bro.Robert McCormick P.M. proceeded to confer The E.A. Degree. This was carried out in an Exemplary manner.

RWM Bro. Robert Grant presenting Bro. George McKirdy M.M. with his 50 years Certificate.

This Evenings Degree Team Bro. Alex J.C. Graham P.M. & Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. with R.W.M Bro Robert Grant.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Lodge Regular Meeting

On the e​vening,  R.W.M Bro. Robert Grant presented

Brother  Alan Weir P.M. with his 50 Year Jubilee Certificate.

Monday 27th December 2021

Message from R.W.M. Bro. Robert Grant.


It has come to my attention that a small number of persons who attended the kiddies party at our lodge premises on 21/12/2021 have been confirmed to have contracted Covid-19.

Any brethren who attended or had family members attend should take relevant precautions and seek testing in line with government guidelines.

Can I also take this opportunity to make you aware that the planned committee meetings scheduled for 17/01/2022 and the regular Lodge  meeting scheduled for 19/01/2022 have now been CANCELLED.

“As a further precaution the Hogmanay Hoot has also been cancelled for this Friday - 31st December”.

Your sincerely and fraternally, RWM Robert Grant.

Wednesday 15th December 2021

Annual Installation Ceremony

The annual Installation of the Lodge was held on Wednesday 15th December where Bro. Robert Grant was installed as the new Right Worshipful Master by Installing Masters Bro. Alexander JC Graham PM and Bro. Robert McCormick PM.

He is pictured with the Officers Bearers of the Lodge, his Installing Masters and also the PGM Bro. Andrew Millar and the SPGM Bro. Laird McDonald.

Above:  S.P.G.M. Bro.Laird McDonald.  Bro. Alex J.C. Graham P.M. R.W.M. Bro. Robert Grant.  

Bro. Robert McCormick P.M.  P.G.M Bro. Andrew Duncan Millar.


Above:  RWM Elect Bro. Bobby Grant  &  RWM Bro. Robert  McCue.

Above:  RWM Bro. Robert  McCue

Jubilee Certificate Presentation.

On behalf of our own Lodge a 50 Year Jubilee Certificate was presented to Bro. John G. Robertson. who was initated into our Lodge on 7th August 1968 and now resides in Somerset where he is a Fully Qialified, active member, of the The Rural Philanthropic Lodge No. 291, under the English Constitution, in Somerset. The length of service was unearthed by our own Bro. Jimmy Stewart PM who, over several holidays abroad in Portugal, learned about Bro. Robertson, and then discovered, of course, that Lodge Airdrie St. John 166, was, in fact ,his Mother Lodge.

The presentation, was meant to have taken place in 2020 where Bro. Stewart PM had received dispensation from the The Grand Lodge of Scotland to travel to Somerset and personally attend a meeting of Lodge 291 Obviously the pandemic put the arrangements on hold but the belated presentsation, to a very surprised and elated Bro. Robertson, was eventually made on Friday 5th November 2021 and was conducted by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Somerset.

Jubilee Certificate Presentation.

Wednesday 6th October 2021.

Lodge Regular Meeting.


A  decision has been made to have only one meeting a month till the end of the year 2021.

This would mean our next Lodge meeting will be our Lodge A.G.M., and then the Installation meeting in December.

Sunday 3rd October 2021

Annual Divine Service.

On Sunday 3rd October 2021 the Lodge held their Annual Family Divine Service in the Lodge

Temple. The Service was conducted by the Rev. A;ister Weighton. Minister ,Coatdyke Congregational

Church and the organ music was provide by Mrs. Janice McKay - a long time visitor to this service

and who first played in our own Temple in 2004. 

The Right Worshipful Master ,Bro. Robert McCue, welcomed All those who attended, who numbered over 50. 

A Large team from Provincial Grand Lodge Middle Ward was headed by RWPGM Bro Andrew Millar and RWDGM Bro. Norman Carnegy

Following the Service, light refreshments were provided where the Right Worshipful Master presented to the 

Minister the collection sum of £250,that was taken on the night, and was to be donated to the well known international Charity 'Water Aid' -nominated this year, by the Rev. Weighton. 

On behalf of the Lodge the Right Worshipful Master would like to thank the Rev. Weighton. the Organist Janice,  and more specifically to all those who took the time to attend this very special event in the Lodge calendar.

Sunday 3rd October 2021

The Annual 'FAMILY' Divine Service of the Lodge will be held on Sunday 3rd October 2021 at 6.30pm within our own Temple.

The Service will be conducted by the Rev. Alister Weighton, Minister, Coatdyke Congregational Church.

Brethren are encouraged to attend this Service 

in what is the most important date in our Calendar.

All visitors are Welcome to attend.

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Lodge Regular Meeting.

Following the long closure of meetings, since March 2020, the Lodge finally convened the first Regular meeting since then - on the above date, The RWM Bro. Robert Mcue, now in his second year, as Master of the Lodge welcomed nearly 40 brethren to the meeting as well as the newly appointed Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Bro. Laird McDonald. Prior to opening the meeting the RWM, as part of the agreed Risk Assessment Plan, out;ine to the brethren a number of measures that required to be in place to allow our meetings to open,

On the evening, four brethren received their 50 Year Jubilee Certificates. The RWM Bro. Robert McCue called upon Bro. John Lang PM Dir. of C to make his presentation after which Bro. Alexander JC Graham PM – initiated 02.09.1970, Bro. Robert Whyte PM – initiated 02.09.1970, Bro. Leslie Humes PM – initiated 05.05.1971 and Bro. Thomas Roy – initiated 05.05.1971. After a few well-chosen words each of the brethren were presented with their 50 Year Jubilee Certificate and lapel pin in recognition of their long service to the Craft and the Lodge. Each of the recipients expressed their thanks to the RWM for the presentation to them and to the brethren for the kindness bestowed on them. The Lodge was thereafter informed that Bro. George Gray PM – initiated 18.02.1970 and Bro. William Patrick – initiated 7th October 1970 were also due to be presented with their 50 Year Jubilee Certificate but were unable to attend. It was thereafter agreed that the RWM and Secretary would arrange to make the presentation to both brethren at the earliest opportunity which would involve a home visit.

Tonight's meeting was a business meeting and after the reading of the Committee Minutes, Bro. Neil Cameron PM Treasurer presented the Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year 2019-20. These were unanimou;sy approved by the brethren, and despite 18 months of non trading they heard, through the Treasurer, that the Lodge finances were in excellent condition.

In scenes never before witnessed in Lodge 166 at a Regular Meetingall those attending wore Face Masks, sanitised their hands on entry were asked to have 'courteous distancing' and not sit adjacent to each other and having to set a maximum number of 60 to be admitted to the meeting with no visitors allowed, and probably for the first time ever in the history of the Lodge the Attendance Book was not out on view for signing. Covid-19 determined that the Secretary would record the names and contact details of all those present.

Below: Bro. Grant W.S.W.,  R.W.M Bro. McCue.,  Bro.McDonald  P.S.P.G.M.,   Bro. McFarlame W.J.W. 

Above Brethren:  Bro. Humes P.M., Bro. Roy M.M., R.W.M. Bro. McCue., Bro. Whyte P.M., Bro. Graham. P.M. 

Wednesday 15th September 2021


It is with pleasure that I invite you to attend a meeting on Wednesday 15th September 2021 within the lodge at 19 Broomknoll St. Airdrie.

This will be a business only meeting and will Tyle at 7.30pm.

Although GL rescinded their guidelines PGL however have issued a set of guidelines to follow if we wish to return to our meetings.

Some of which are:

Prior to attending the meeting next week, you should not have tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 7 days and ARE NOT currently awaiting a COVID 19 test or the results of one.

You should not have been in close contact (15mins or more) or with anyone who has recognised symptoms of COVID 19; you should also have not been living in the same household with someone who is requiring to self isolate and YOU DO NOT have any symptoms of COVID 19.

If you cannot confirm ALL the above points- PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.

In addition, we have been advised that no handshakes should take place until further notice. All Track and Trace records will be maintained by the Brother Secretary and no signing of the Attendance book will be required.

On arrival at the Lodge please remember to use your Face Mask and please use the hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the premises.

Prior to the start of the meeting additional information will be issued to those in attendance.

I look forward to seeing you and hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Bro Robert McCue


Thursday 2nd September 2021

A reminder to the floor office bearers of a rehearsal at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 8th September 2021 

followed by a General committee meeting at 7.30pm...

Property committee meeting at 8pm and a 

Management committee meeting at 8.15 pm. 

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Regular Meeting Cancelled


Tuesday 31st August 2021

Important Information. (Lodge Airdrie St John No166 Members Only)


Although Grand Lodge rescinded their guidelines PGL however have issued a set of guidelines to follow if we wish to return to our meetings.

Some of which are:

Prior to attending the meeting next week, you should not have tested positive for COVID-19 within the previous 7 days and ARE NOT currently awaiting a COVID 19 test or the results of one.

You should not have been in close contact (15mins or more) or with anyone who has recognised symptoms of COVID 19; you should also have not been living in the same household with someone who is requiring to self isolate and YOU DO NOT have any symptoms of COVID 19.

If you cannot confirm ALL the above points- PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND.

In addition we have been advised that no handshakes should take place until further notice. All Track and Trace records will be maintained by the Brother Secretary and no signing of the Attendance book will be needed.

On arrival at the Lodge please remember to use your Face Mask and please use the hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the premises.

Prior to the start of the meeting additional information will be issued to those in attendance.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

RWM Bro Robert McCue

Next Regular Meeting

Welcome Back.

Wednesday 1st September 2021

@ 7.30pm.

(Lodge 166 Members Only)

Business Meeting​.

Face Covering Must be worn 

(UNLESS EXEMPT) when entering Building.

Thursday 24th June 2021

Re: Social Club.

R.W.M Bro. McCue (Update)

I am contacting you to confirm that the Social Club will be re-opening from Thursday 1st July.

The times for opening are:

Thursday 7.00pm - 10.30pm to include resumption of our Thursday Bingo.

Friday 7.00pm - 10.30pm

Saturday 12Noon - 4.00pm and then 6.00pm - 10.30pm

Please note that entry will be by using the entry buzzer.

Whilst on the premises there will only be table service for ordering and payments and a track and trace system will be in place.

Entry will require Face Masks to be worn and may only be removed once seated- any movement from your table will also require Face Mask to be worn.

It is hoped that the Kitchen facility will resume on 8th July with their usual opening hours.

At this time I would ask for your assistance in adhering to the Government hospitality guidelines that we have put in place to comply with Covid re-opening.

I would also ask that when visiting you listen to any information given to you by our staff.

At this time I can also advise you that The Grand Lodge of Scotland have informed us that Lodges should not re-open for the present and that another review will take place in August 2021.

Finally can I thank all those who have given tremendous help and hard work in getting us ready for re-opening.

Yours fraternally R.W.M.Bro. Robert McCue

Letter of Condolence.

10th April 2021


On behalf of the Right Worshipful Master, Bro. RobertMcCue, and the Brethren of Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166, I am commanded to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences at the passing to the Grand Lodge above of His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

At this sad time we would wish to convey our heartfelt support to you, our Sovereign - Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II - at this time of sorrow.

There is no doubt many of our members have experiences, as participants, in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and often or not a goodly number of them have gone on to be workers and supporters of its’ varying programmes.

In passing on our deepest sympathies we give thanks for the life of our dear departed Brother, who, throughout his life, had promoted many of the qualities and characteristics we associate with Freemasonry.

We remember him with gratitude and fondness, for all that made him unique, for all that he accomplished, his many gifts and graces, his interests and his achievements.

I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant.

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was initiated in to The Navy Lodge No.2612, under the United Grand Lodge of England in the year 1953

Yours sincerely,

James Ferguson


Lodge 166 Charity-

March 2020 - March 2021

Since Lockdown in March 2020 Lodge Airdrie St. John 166 have continued their fine tradition of continuing to make donations to organisations that they have supported over many years.

The latest donations, last week, saw the Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Bobby McCue, sanction the release of further Charity Cheques, of £200, to each of the following recipients: Guide Dogs Scotland, St.Andrews Hospice, Lanarkshire Cancer Care, Glasgow Children's Charity, MND Scotland, MacMillan Cancer Support, Parkinson's Self Help Group, Meningitis Research Foundation, Maggie's Centre, Moira Anderson Foundation and Erskine.

This latest gesture means that over the pandemic year, the Lodge, in total, has contributed just over £8,000 to these organisations.

Additionally the Lodge, in the last year, has made further contributions to other organisations and events in excess of £1,500.

The Lodge, once again, can be rightly proud of its’ continued Local and National support for the work of organisations who, in these most difficult of times, continue to work on our behalf. 


The Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland

To: Provincial Grand Masters

Cc: District Grand Masters Proxy District Grand Master (Lodges Under Direct Supervision)

Grand Superintendents

Provincial Grand Secretaries District Grand Secretaries

29 March 2021

Dear Provincial Grand Master,

Please circulate to your Province in the absence of having this read in open Lodge.

Masonic Social Media & Scottish Parliament Election

I refer to the above subject and request your assistance to maintain proper Masonic decorum on social media platforms during the build up to the Scottish Parliamentary Elections on 6 May 2021.

Political electioneering has only just commenced and I am already receiving notification of concerns regarding the use of social media. As you are aware there are several Scottish Masonic forums on various digital platforms, the most common being Facebook.

I suggest that any Scottish Masonic social media platform is regarded as an extension of the Lodge and therefor has no place for political commentary. I would expect platform administrators to endorse and implement this position. All members of society enjoy the right to freedom of speech and Freemasons are no different. Brethren, however, should be aware, when communicating and expressing an opinion on their own social media accounts, they are subject to the law of the land and their conduct should at all times be that expected of a member of the Scottish Constitution.

Finally, a word of advice, always remember that your digital footprint never disappears and will be there for all to see when the dust settles on any online exchange of views.

If in any doubt regarding the content of a post the best course of action will be to press the delete button and leave “keyboard warriors” to their own devices.

The busiest Committees in Grand Lodge are the Disciplinary Committee and the Disciplinary Review Committee. Let us not add to their burden over the next few weeks.

R.W.M. Update Message -

12th March 2021

I do trust that all of our Brethren continue to remain safe and well.

Since my last update you will of course be aware of the passing to the Grand Lodge above of Bro. David Guild, Bro. Kevin Gallacher and Bro. Willie Whigham. Our thoughts continue to be with their families at this time.

As regards Bro. Willie Whigham, the Football Clubs of which he was a part, had paid tribute to him with their own public Obituries which have been temporarily posted on our Lodge Web site.

Bro. George Gray PM has been in Jubilee Hospital and has now been transferred to the Beatson to continue his treatment.

Within the web site we have also posted a a very rare copy of a newspaper report that was written for the Airdrie Advertiser, in 1886, when our Lodge celebrated its' Centenary celebrations in that year. Please visit the pages if you can.

As we continue to remain on lock-down the matter of Lodge business continues to be attended to.

To accommodate this I had convened the first ever official ZOOM Meeting of the Lodge when the members of the Management Committee met on Wednesday 10th March.

It will be my intention to convene these types of meeting while we continue under the present restrictions.

The Treasurer has successfully overseen the Lodge Accounts and Balance Sheet as well reporting that we have a healthy number of renewed active members of the Lodge.


The fabric of our building remains in good health and we will continue to monitor them during the current situation.

I have authorised the payment of Charity Cheques in March 2021 of £200 each to the following recipients :Guide Dogs Scotland, St. Andrews Hospice, Lanarkshire Cancer Care, Glasgow Children’s Charity, MND Scotland, MacMillan Cancer Support, Parkinson’s Self Help Group, Meningitis Research Foundation Scotland, Maggie’s Centre, Moira Anderson Foundation and Erskine.

Given the daily, gradual improvement in the Covid-19 pandemic, I am hopeful that when Grand Lodge meet in June a route map to resume our meetings will become available.

With that hope in mind we are now planning for some future events in our masonic calendar, for after the Summer recess, and you will be alerted to these as soon as were able to, I do hope that all of our members will continue remain in good health.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue 

MARCH 2021


‘The Lodge, Airdrie St John No.166, were saddened to learn of the passing to the Grand Lodge above of Bro. Willie Whigham, Master Mason, initiated on 1st April 1981. His previous Football Clubs have paid tribute to him with the following Obituary Notices’:

Dumbarton Football Club.

IT is with very deep sadness that we have learned that Willie Whigham, who played in goal for Dumbarton during the 1970s, has died.

Willie joined us from Middlesbrough in 1972 and competed with Lawrie Williams for the number one jersey, with the club newly promoted to the old First Division.

He went on to play nine games for Sons and left the club at the end of that season to return to the northeast of England with Darlington.

Prior to joining Dumbarton, Willie had played over 250 games for Falkirk, and more than 200 for Middlesbrough.

The thoughts of everybody at Dumbarton FC are with Willie's family and friends at this sad time.

Middlesborough FC Tribute to Willie Whigham

Rest In Peace Willie Whigham

The club was saddened to learn of the passing of former goalkeeper Willie Whigham at the age of 81. Born in Airdrie, Scotland, in 1939, Whigham qualified as a motor mechanic before becoming a footballer with nearby Falkirk. He made more than 150 appearances for The Bairns, and was then signed for Boro by Stan Anderson in 1966. Such had been the impression he made back home that five coachloads of Falkirk fans travelled to watch his Boro debut.

A colourful character; brave, vocal and a very capable keeper, 'The Whig' as he would come to be known proved a popular figure at Ayresome Park.

He made a total of 187 appearances between the sticks in six seasons on Teesside, before the goalkeeping reins were handed over to a young Jim Platt.

Whigham later played for Dumbarton and Darlington, but following his retirement was often seen following the ‘Boro’ from the terraces at grounds around the country.

Our condolences go out to Willie's family and friends.


Falkirk fans are often asked to select their Dream Team, and many would pick Willie Whigham as their goalkeeper. It was terrible news that reached the club yesterday when they were informed that Willie had passed after in Monklands Hospital after a bout of pneumonia.

Willie was highly regarded by all who played with him and he saved Falkirk from a few real hidings. There is undoubtedly a lack of “characters” in the modern game, and Willie is fondly remembered at Falkirk and Middlesbrough-both for his prowess as a goalkeeper and as a real personality.

Willie was an Airdrieonian, born in the town in October 1939, and he came to Brockville from Shotts Bon Accord in 1960. It was his second attempt at breaking through into Senior football and he had played one game for Albion Rovers previously. Falkirk had been experiencing major problems finding a reliable and consistent keeper during the disastrous Tommy Younger season, and they had fielded no fewer than thirteen players in the position, one of them allegedly with the major handicap of only having one functioning eye. Willie didn’t look the part when he arrived- tall, lanky and with a Teddy Boy hairstyle. His off the park dress code might best be described as “unique”, but there was no denying his ability between the posts. Game after game, Willie saved Falkirk from embarrassing score-lines, and he brought off many saves that will be remembered by all who saw them. He made his Falkirk league debut on September 7th at Links Park against Montrose and Falkirk won 3-2. Willie kept eight clean sheets that season and only missed nine of the 36 league games as Falkirk were finally promoted back to Division One. He continued to impress on the return to the topflight and quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best keepers in the league.

There were rumours that he was about to be selected for a Scottish League International match, but that never happened. Various theories have been put forward for his omission, some of them hilarious- but unsubstantiated. His Falkirk career had several highlights, including a five-star display at Parkhead where he was cheered off by the home fans after an amazing series of saves. He was featured in the Chix bubble-gum Famous Footballers set of cards and they even managed to spell his name wrongly- referring to him as William Wigham(sic). His last game as a Bairn came at Brockville on October 1st, 1966 when Falkirk beat Ayr United 5-3. He moved to Ayresome Park Middlesbrough for a reported fee of £10,000 plus former Dunfermline and Scotland keeper Eddie Connachan. Willie’s first game for Boro’ was a game at Vicarage Road against Watford which ended in a 2-0 defeat. He soon became a firm favourite with Boro’ fans and, as at Falkirk, many legendary tales emerged. Many of his saves were applauded by both sets of fans, including one at Ayresome Park when he tipped a shot over the bar with what the papers described as “a backward coil”. Again, many tales are unsubstantiated, but there several eye-witness accounts of him accepting a puff on a cigarette offered to him by a supporter as he was preparing to collect the ball for a goal kick. In total, he turned out in 210 games for Middlesbrough before returning to Scotland for a brief spell at Boghead. His last port of call was Darlington as he renewed acquaintance with the North-East of England.

The Brockville tannoy always seem to start the Falkirk team announcements with Whigham, Lambie and Hunter- and the idiosyncratic keeper was a great favourite of the crowd. Tales of him turning up with an oil-stained vest under his jacket, after working on the Saturday morning, have been confirmed. One of my own favourite Willie Whigham stories is of Falkirk fans squeezing into the 1066 pub after the game, only to find Willie sipping on his first pint of the day- and his hands covered in the Brockville mud. Legendary indeed. The best however relates to a Ne’erday game at Brockville when Doug Baillie had to fetch Willie from a New Year’s Eve party in Airdrie after scouring the neighbourhood for the errant keeper. Willie was soundly asleep in the back of Doug’s car when the manager came up to the car and signalled that the game was off because of a frozen pitch. Doug smartly turned the car around and took Willie back to the same seat in the same house at the same party in Airdrie- and wrapped his hands round the same can of stale beer. To this day, Willie never knew what a lucky escape he had.

Willie Whigham appeared at the Millennium Dinner at the Inchyra and was greeted by many fans who remembered his playing days at the club. He looked remarkably well and clearly enjoyed the evening back with former colleagues and friends. A few years ago, Gordon McFarlane interviewed Willie for an article in the matchday programme, and I think it would be fair to say that it was Gordon’s favourite interview, and he came away with a catalogue of Willie Whigham stories which had both of us reduced to helpless laughter. Willie was more than just a good keeper- he could have and should have earned more honours in the game. He was ungainly, unorthodox- but on his day, absolutely brilliant. Falkirk have had several good keepers over the years, but Willie Whigham was undoubtedly one of the best. All Falkirk fans will wish to send best wishes to his friends and family. 


League Appearances               186

League Cup Appearances        34

Scottish Cup Appearances       10

Other Appearances                   21

Total Appearances                    251   


Former keeper passes away.

The club is sad to learn about the passing of goalkeeper Willie Whigham.

Willie, who was 81, gave long service to Falkirk and Middlesbrough until 1972, when he left Boro for Dumbarton. We signed him from Dumbarton in 1974, and he went on to make four appearances for us. One of his appearances was the 6-0 win over Cambridge in September 1974.

We would like to pass on our sincere condolences to his family and friends.


Tributes paid to 'legendary' Middlesbrough and Falkirk keeper

Willie Whigham passed away earlier this week, aged 81

Tributes have been paid to former Falkirk and Middlesbrough goalkeeper Willie Whigham, who passed away aged 81.

Whigham, who was born and raised in Airdrie, but never played for his home town team and only made one appearance for Albion Rovers, was a hero both at Brockville and on Teeside during a lengthy career in the 1960 and 70s.

He was also a target for Celtic and Rangers while he was at Falkirk, but the club wouldn't sell him to another Scottish club, and he instead moved to Middlesbrough in 1966 for £10,000, as goalkeeper Eddie Connachan went in the opposite direction.

A mechanic to trade, Whigham arrived at Falkirk in 1960 from Shotts Bon Accord, and that was his second attempt to break into senior football. The club had real problems getting a reliable keeper, and had 13 players in the position in one season before Whigham, including one who allegedly only had use of one eye.

In total, the former Chapelside Primary and Airdrie Academy pupil made 251 appearances for Falkirk and 210 at Middlesbrough, with short spells at Dumbarton and Darlington thereafter.

Willie passed away at Monklands Hospital on Wednesday, following a bout of pneumonia.

Brother-in-law Alan Barrie says Whigham was a character and a legend, and will be sadly missed.

Alan said: "They've got him down as a legend, which he was. I went down to Middlesbrough with him for a do and we got to the hotel, got on the wrong tube and we were late.

"Only one person was still there, Steve McLaren, who was then-England manager, who stayed for about 10 minutes to get a catch-up with Willie.

"The place was mobbed and they asked Willie to do the raffle. There was a wee boy standing at the front who had a heart condition, born with a hole in his heart, he was about 10 years old, and he shouted 'Mr Whigham, white No.1'.

"After a while Willie shouted out 'white No.1' and the roar that went up was unbelievable.

"The wee boy couldn't believe it. He got a football, signed by the players, his photo and signature from Willie, he got a strip, and hundreds of stuff from Middlesbrough, through Willie - and that ticket never actually came up. That's the kind of person he was.

"Willie was that laid back he was horizontal; the roof could fall in on Willie and he wouldn't bat an eyelid.

"Nothing fazed him at all, and I've been with him for about 40 years. He didn't like the limelight, he hated attention, and he never knew how popular he was.

"He had a dry sense of humour. He was a character. He didn't realise how popular he was, it was unbelievable, because he was just so popular”.

They think he's a god and a saint in Falkirk and the same in Middlesbrough. I've been amongst them in both places, and you've got no idea what it's like."

Falkirk paid tribute to Willie on social media, saying: "Everyone at Falkirk Football Club is saddened to hear of the passing of former player Willie Whigham."

Middlesbrough said: "We were saddened to learn of the passing of former Boro goalkeeper Willie Whigham."

Former Boro and Albion Rovers hero Bernie Slaven said: "Sad news hearing of the passing of former Boro goalkeeper Willie Whigham.

"I've heard many stories about Willie and how much a character he was - condolences to his family."

Willie leaves behind sister Jean and sons Stephen and Stuart.

15th February 2021

P.G.L. Announcement.

Brethren, following confirmation of his appointment as Provincial Grand Master, with effect from 10th June 2021, Bro. Andrew D. Millar has intimated that his Commissioned Office Bearers will be:-

Depute P.G.M. Bro. Norman Carnegy Lodge St, Mary Coltness No. 31

Substitute P.G.M. Bro. Colin Campbell Lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067

                               Bro. Robert Ferguson Lodge St Thomas No. 306

                               Bro. Gordon Mather Lodge Blantyre Kilwinning No. 557

                               Bro. Laird McDonald Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No. 114

P.G.L. Secretary Bro. William Paton Lodge Robert King Stewart No. 919

Senior P.G. Chaplain Bro. James Vasey Lodge St. Bryde No. 579

Junior P.G. Chaplain Bro Alexander L Hamilton Lodge St Bryde No. 579

All of these appointments will commence on 10th June 2021.

I am sure you would wish to congratulate all of the Brethren, who have been Commissioned, and wish them well for their five year term of office.

Bro. James Ferguson P.M. Secy.

18th January 2021

R.W.Ms. Update. (Covid 19)  

With the arrival of the covid vaccine I was hoping my message to you would have been one of good news, however in the last update from the Grand Master Mason on the meeting of the Heads of Orders it was unanimously agreed that meetings of all Orders in Scotland will remain suspended for the foreseeable future with the Heads of Orders meeting again in June to review the situation .

This being the case and we are then given permission to meet it looks like the earliest time to meet in person would be just before or after the summer recess .

If this is so I think it may be time to adopt some modern technology and consider having a go at a virtual zoom meeting ,watch this space .

In the meantime the business of the Lodge continues to be overseen by the Treasurer Bro Neil Cameron, the Secretary Bro Jim Ferguson and myself.

Finally , please stay safe and look after each other.

Yours sincerely and fraternally: R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

R.W.M's Christmas Message..

Dear Brethren.

The last few months have been unique and very difficult for all of us due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are living in unprecedented times and our daily lives have changed dramatically.

It has affected our families, friends, neighbours and loved ones in so many ways and trying to adapt to the current and new way of living has been more difficult and stressful.

It seems like an eternity since we were last together in the Lodge enjoying our ceremonies and each other's company.

As we enter the Christmas period we can reflect on this year and how markedly it has affected us.

Let us all pray that the New Year brings with it a hope that this pandemic will end soon and that normality can return to us all.

May I wish you and yours a peaceful and restful Christmas and hope that it won't be too long until we all can meet again

Yours sincerely and fraternally Bro. Robert McCue R.W.M

Wednesday 11th November 2020

"Armistice Day"

On Wednesday 11th November R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue visited the Lodge Temple to lay our traditional wreath at the Lodge War Memorial on the West Wall. At exactly 11:11am both he and our Bro. Secretary observed a two minute silence in honour of those Brethren who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Sunday 8th November 2020.

"Remembrance Sunday".

On Remembrance Sunday Bro. Robert Smith P.M., accompanied by

Bro. Craig Murdoch S.D. and Bro. Hugh Currie visited the Airdrie Cenotaph to lay the annual Poppy Wreath.

Monday 5th October 2020


I hope you are continuing to be safe and well.

Another month has passed and the country is still in the grip of the Coronavirus.

The business of the lodge continues with the bulk of work being carried out by our Bro. Treasurer, Bro. Neil Cameron P.M. and our Bro.Secretary Bro.Jim Ferguson P.M. I would also like to thank Bro. Jimmy Stewart P.M. for continuing to visit the lodge building on a weekly basis to ensure that our building remains in a good condition.

Brethren,You will soon receive letters with instructions on how you can pay your Annual test fees.

It is with regret that I have to inform you that the remaining two social gatherings of the lodge, The Carnival dance and the Hoot will Not be taking place this year although the situation will be closely monitored regarding the guidelines set by the Government.

I wish you and your families good health and hope that the strange circumstances we find ourselves in will improve quickly.

Yours Fraternally.

R.W.M. Robert McCue 

Saturday 15th August 2020

Update from R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.


An update has been received from Grand Lodge, and its with regret that I have to inform you that there will be No further meetings held for the remainder of this year.

The situation will be reviewed in January 2021.

You can be reassured that the administration of the Lodge continues and I will update you with any information as and when I receive it, meanwhile stay safe and keep well.

Best Regards. R.W.M Bro. Robert McCue.

Tuesday 4th August 2020

Update from R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.


its now August and the year is slipping bye.

I hope that you and your families are well and keeping safe as is mine.

I am pleased to report that we are continuing to support our local charities by donating another two,

£200 cheques to the Salvation Army and the Airdrie Food Bank, both worthy and deserving organisations I'm sure you'll agree.

The Bro.Secretary and Bro.Treasurer are both continuing to fulfill their respective duties to the lodge in their usual efficient manner.

My thanks also goes to Bro. Jimmy Stewart P.M. who has been able to undertake jobs for which I was not available and unable to complete.

As Regards to when we will be able to meet again, Grand Lodge is awaiting a reply from the Scottish Government and will update us as soon as a responce is received.

In my opinion and reading between the lines it may not be this year but as lockdown is easing everything can change very quickly.

Stay safe and keep well.

Best Regards: R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Update from R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

I trust that all our members, family and friends are still keeping safe. I now write to you with an update as regards where we are with any facilities re-opening. Following a meeting of the Management Committee meeting, held on Wednesday 8th July 2020 it has been unanimously decided that we would not be in the position to re-open the Social Club.

Following a mandatory Risk Assessment being undertaken, required before the re-opening of any premises, and after lengthy discussions, it was felt that we would be unable to comply, supervise and maintain the guidelines that had been issued by the Scottish Government. This information has already been sent out to members via our texting contacts.

Whilst this may be disappointing news for our members and patrons I can assure that as soon as circumstances change I will convene further meetings to review the current decision and further explore opportunities for us to re-open.

The building itself shows no wear and tear and although we had an ingress of water in the upstairs lounge this has now been attended to as a matter of urgency.

I would at this time continue to thank the Bro. Secretary and Bro. Treasurer for their continued work on our behalf.

Wishing all of our members and those further afield all the very best of health for the future.

Fraternal Greeting: R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

Tuesday 19th May 2020

During this Pandemic, on behalf of Lodge 166 R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue have decided to donate £200 to the eleven charities which we have previously decided to support amounting to a total of £2,200.00.

As a reminder, those charities who will benefit from this are, as follows: 

1 - Lanarkshire cancer care.

2 - St Andrews Hospice Airdrie.

3 - Erskine Hospital.

4 - MND Scotland.

5 - Guide Dogs Scotland.

6 - MacMillan Cancer support.

7 - Meningitis Research Foundation Scotland.

8 - Moira Anderson Foundation.

9 - Glasgow Children's Charity.

10 - Maggies Centre.

11 - Parkinsons self help group North Lanarkshire

Message from R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

Date: 12th April 2020.

Brethren, As R.W.M. it has been a while since I have been in contact with you all, and hopefully No news is good news, as I have not heard of anyone having contracted this awful Covid 19 Virus.

I encourage you to try and keep in to keep in contact with each other especially at this strange and unprecedented times.

If any of you know of someone who has contracted this virus or has fallen ill then they can contact myself or our Bro. Secretary or contact via email to [email protected]

Best Regards.

Sent on behalf of R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.


Date: 20th March 2020

As from above date the Lodge Premises are now formally CLOSED until further notice in compliance with the UK and Scottish Government Guidelines.


Date: 15th March 2020

As from above date it has been agreed that to mitigate any spread of

the coronavirus, ALL Lodge Regular and Deputation Meetings

will be Cancelled until further notice.

The Decision has been taken with a heavy heart, but with the sole

purpose of protecting the health of all Brethren.

Any change to above notice will be Posted onto Lodge Web-Page.

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Regular Meeting.

On above evening Lodge New Monkland Montrose No.88 headed by their own R.W.M Bro. John Gray were welcomed as a Lodge deputation into Lodge Airdrie St John No.166. R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue invited them along to confer the F.C. Degree.

The deputation was enhanced by Bro. William Perry R.W.P.G.M.

The F.C. Degree was carried out by experienced Brethren of Lodge No.88.

On the same evening Lodge Airdrie St. John No. 166 presented a number of Charity organisations with Cheques at their Annual Charity presentation evening.

The recipients were Lanarkshire Cancer Care, MacMillan Cancer Support, St. Andrews Hospice,

Guide Dogs Scotland, Meningitis Research Foundation, MND Scotland, Glasgow Children's Charity, Parkinson’s Self Help Group for North Lanarkshire, Maggies Centre, The Moira Anderson Foundation and Erskine. Each of the Charities received a cheque for £300 on the evening from the RWM Bro. Robert McCue and the RWPGM Bro. William Perry, an Honorary Member of the Lodge, after which the recipients took the time to make a short presentation about their respective fund raising and charity activities.

These were very well received by those attending.

Below: Recipients with R.W.P.G.M Bro. William Perry & R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue.

Thursday 27th February 2020

Lodge Deputation.

On Thursday 27th February 2020 our R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue headed a Large deputation to Lodge Caledonian St John Royal Arch No.195.

The F.C. Degree was conferred by Bro. Robert McCormick I.P.M, Bro. James Ferguson P.M. assisted by the Lodge office Bearers, to a very high Standard.

A warm welcome was received from R.W.M. Bro. Davie Pendreigh and the Brethren of the Lodge.

Wednesday 19th February 2020

Regular Meeting

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue welcomed a large Deputation

from Lodge Caldercruix No.1314.

The Deputation was headed by R.W.M. Bro. Scott Haviland.

Lodge No1314 were invited along to confer an exemplification of the Entered Apprentice Degree.

An impressive E.A. Degree followed.

Bro. Jim Ferguson P.M. Secy gave a complimentary vote of thanks to the floor workers.

R.W.M. Bro Scott Haviland suitable replied.

Lodge Airdrie St John No.166 were delighted to present

Bro. John Porter M.M. with his 50 Years Diploma Certificate. 

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Lodge Deputation.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue was delighted to head a Deputation into Lodge Whifflet St John No.963.

Lodge 166 were invited along to confer the

Fellow Craft Degree.

The degree was conferred by Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. assisted by Bro. James Ferguson P.M. 

Wednesday 5th February 2020

Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue welcomed a large Deputation from Lodge St. Andrews Coatbridge No.544 headed by Bro. John Hulme P.M.

A Excellent M.M.M. Degree was conferred by Lodge No544.

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Lodge Deputation to

Lodge Old Monkland St James No177.

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue welcomed all the Brethren in attendance, into this his first meeting as R.W.M.

A special welcome was extended to the visiting Brethren.

An was conferred by Installing Masters, Bro. Robert McCormick

P.M. / I.P.M. & Bro. Jim Ferguson P.M. / Secy.

The degree was carried out in the usual high standard by both Brethren.

R.W.M Bro. Robert McCue thanked both Brethren for their labours and also

thanked Bro. Reg Sutherland P.M. for assisting with the degree.

Wednesday 18th December 2019

Annual Installation Ceremony.

Lodge Airdrie St John's No166 Newest R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue, along side his Installing Masters Bro. Robert McCormick I.P.M. / P.G.L Standard Bearer / H.M.48. / H.M.427 / A.P.S,W 417. & Bro. James Ferguson Secretary / Chaplain P.M. / H.M.48 / P.G. Chap. / APM 1250 H.G.B.B.

Lodge Airdrie St John No.166, 2020 floor office Bearers photo.

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Regular Meeting

Lodge Airdrie St John No.166

R.W.M Elect 2019 - 2020.

Bro. Robert McCue.

Lodge Airdrie St John 166

Deputation to

Lodge Boswell St James No.1011.

Wednesday 30th October 2019

5th Wednesday Club Meeting.

Sunday 6th October 2019

Lodge Annual Divine Service.

Brethren, Family and Friends attended the Annual Divine Service of Lodge Airdrie St John 166, where the service was conducted by

Rev. Jim Murphy.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. would like to express his thanks to Rev. Murphy for his Excellent Service and also thank all who attended.

Monday 23rd September 2019

Lodge Deputation.

On Monday the 23rd of September , I.P.M Bro. Craig Gibson headed a deputation to Lodge New Monkland Montrose No.88 to confer the Fellow Craft Degree.

The Degree was carried out by Bro's Robert McCue W.S.W and Robert Mair M.M. in an Exemplary manner.

After the meeting the Brethren from the Lodge were treated to some excellent harmony.

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. warmly welcome into the Lodge a Large and Distinguished deputation from Lodge St Clair No.427.

The Deputation was headed by their R.W.M. Bro. Stuart Maxwell P.M. where they conferred an Exemplary F.C. Degree to the satisfaction of the assembled Brethren.

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Lodge Deputation.

On Tuesday 10th September R.W.M Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. headed a Large deputation to Lodge Prince of Wales Renfrew, to confer the Master Mason Degree.

A warm welcome was provided by their R.W.M Bro. Robert Ferguson and the assembled brethren.

The degree was carried out by Bro's Jim Ferguson P.M. Sec. and Robert Mair M.M. in an Exemplary Manner.

After the meeting the Brethren from the lodge were treated to some excellent harmony.

Wednesday 4th September 2019

Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick PM warmly welcome into the Lodge a Large and Distinguished deputation from Lodge St John Crofthead No.374.

The Deputation was headed by their R.W.M. Bro. Alan Ross.

Lodge St John Crofthead No.374 conferred an Exemplary Master Mason Degree to the great satisfaction of the assembled brethren. 

Wednesday 7th August 2019

Lodge Deputation.

On Wednesday 7th August, R.W.M Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. headed a deputation to Lodge Robert King Stewart No.919 to confer the Fellow Craft Degree.

The Degree was carried out by Bro's Jim Ferguson P.M Sec., Robert McCue W.S.W and Robert Mair M.M. in an Exemplary manner.

After the meeting the Brethren from the Lodge were treated to some excellent harmony.

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Regular Meeting

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. welcomed a deputation from lodge Robert Burns No. 440.

The Deputation was headed by RWM Bro. Walter Dunn.

They were invited along to confer the Entered Apprentice degree, which was carried out in an exemplary manner.

The meeting was also attended by a further three reigning masters from Various lodge's.

Below: R.W.M. Bro. Walter Dunn & R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Regular Meeting.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M. welcomed a deputation from lodge Coltswood Glenboig No. 1067.

The Deputation was headed by RWM Bro. Iain Reid.

Lodge No.1067 were invited along to confer an Fellowcraft Degree, which was carried out in an exemplary manner.

The meeting was also attended by a further six reigning masters from Various lodge's.

Below: R.W.M. Bro. Iain Reid & R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCormick P.M

Wednesday 29th May 2019

5th Wednesday Club Meeting.

On Wednesday 29th May, RWM Robert McCormick PM was part of the deputation to Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114 where lodge St Enoch No,1288 conferred the Master Mason degree.

The degree was carried out by lodge office bearers in an exemplary manner.

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Lodge Deputation.

On Tuesday 28th May, RWM Robert McCormick PM headed a deputation of 22No. brethren, including five reigning masters to Lodge Dunelm No.4079 in Darlington to witness a Fellowcraft Degree.

The degree was carried out by lodge 4079 office bearers in very high standard.

After the meeting the brethren from the lodge were treated to some excellent harmony.

Below: A group photo of the the reigning masters, deputation and brethren of Lodge Dunelm No.4079