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Lodge Airdrie St. John No.166

Deputation Dates.

Also, Fifth Wednesday Meetings.

R.W.M. Bro. Robert McCue invites All Brethern to continue to support all Deputations.


Date: 15th March 2020

As from above date it has been agreed that to mitigate

any spread of the coronavirus,

ALL Lodge Regular and Deputation Meetings

will be Cancelled until further notice.

The Decision has been taken with a heavy heart,

but with the sole purpose of protecting the

health of all Brethren.

Any change to above notice will be Posted

onto Lodge Web-Page.

"5th Wednesday Lodge Meeting"

The lodges

Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114,

Lodge Airdrie St John No.166,

Lodge Hamilton No.233,

Lodge St.Enoch No.1288

Lodge Dura, Allanton No.1513.